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Nature Child

The Journey Continues… Step Forward, and Let Faith Open the Window

As I was reflecting on my life, I saw the little girl sitting on the steps of the back porch writing enjoying the breeze. I remember she loved the fresh air as she wrote in her journal the little birds sang their song. It was there she decided to give herself a secret pen name “Nature Child”.

No one would know it was her, the little girl who loved walking barefoot on the cool green grass and picking small violet bouquets. She would sing with the birds chipping as she walked in the sunshine.

Happiness to her was writing for in her heart she knew one day this dream would become a reality. Her purpose was to be a writer, known as the-author called to offer inspiration to all. Now it was her secret buried but one day it would become real.

If we choose to see the unseen through our eyes of faith in God, we will walk down the road of our destiny. Mine was Nature Child’s Journey.