Natures Garden Reflection

Natures Garden Reflection

Flowers here of many colors and shapes, make a beautiful display of nature. We are like this field many beautiful people one world to share it with simple truth. Faith would open the doors to believe there is a purpose for each and everyone.  Our efforts could mend this broken world and all this pain would end.

We will stop all selfishness if we reach out to each other, and all become someone’s friend.  It’ll take courage and strength to look within and not pretend we have to be honest with ourselves, if not there will be a price in the end.





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  1. Happiness what is it? We all want it yet there no true satisfaction when the focus is only when we look to the “ME” idea make me rich, powerful, beautiful, and famous “look at me and what I have accomplished. Go ahead and have money and be very successful at what you do. However, the real you will need others to share his/or her world with. Family, friends, neighbor or your own local church fellowship.

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